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To facilitate and guide patients from entry in hospitals to ward and bed number and assigned doctor

Its affect is on the people who is going to hospitals doesn't matter they're going in emergency or normal checkup plan, when they went to hospitals they have to wait for the entry along with the patient lying in open. Then after the entry they have to find the right ward or room for them, if in case of emergency especially its very difficult for the people who has the patient. Then after finding the room then bed is something headache to find, the right doctor like in advance you won't know who's going to cure your patient. So wouldn't it be good to have knowledge in advance about all these things. So the solution is to have a mobile application or website, or even an SMS service when you should select from certain category like in normal checkup you should select let's say "eye", then it should show you the room and bed number and then the doctor that should check you up. Now what about the entry fee, it can be done in two ways, one is at the time of making entry in the app like from easypaisa or connected bank account, second is when checkup is done then there should be an entry section. It will be easily usable as nowadays everyone has a smartphone in his pocket, easily accessible, time efficient means you won't have to wait in line for entry along with your patient, it will require less number of employees and the most important that it can reduce the risk of lives losses. And the number of people in one giant hospital of KPK is 4000 to 5000 per day so that means daily it should be used by 4 to 5 thousands of people and make their lives easier, now we can imagine in heads if this is implemented in all the hospitals of KPK, only in governmental, and to private we can sold this. Also KP has done a great job in digitization of the hospitals and so now it is very easy to implement we just have to connect to that database.


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