Manager   •   about 2 years ago

There's no common application system for university admissions in Pakistan like Common App(US) or UCAS.

"The applications process varies highly for each individual university in PK. For example, LUMS will close their deadlines in February and on the other hand NUST won't close it until August. There’s no common application system like UCAS for UK or Common App for US. It is a tedious task for many to apply to different universities especially when they have little access to technology. They’re usually at the mercy of others. The admission systems are outdated, not very user friendly. For instance, PIEAS requires all documents to be uploaded in grayscale. An ordinary man won't know how to convert an image to grayscale.
There are no admission counselors allocated to students by universities. Often universities don’t pick up phone calls and replies to emails are highly delayed.
Almost all high school students are affected by this when they have to apply for further studies. If there's an easier way to fill in applications, I believe many students wouldn't be taking gap years just because they missed application deadlines.
A common application platform will help save application costs and enable admissions for less-privileged students who just can't afford to apply to different universities because of financial constraints."


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