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I have faced a problem regarding the land registration system that was placed to overcome all the manual books and records throughout Pakistan.

"My problem with the system is, its being used as a tool to make money and the people who were given the duty to convert the manual books into a digital directory have sabotage the system into a money making tool. I have a Land of 70 Marlas (3k10M) which was registered into the system as 64 marlas, After receiving my digital fard or digital record of my land it was less when calculated, as on the manual books of the government it's 3-10. Now i have been going around in circles to fix that problem.

1. I submitted an application to the tehsildar to fix the problem
2. Application was marked to the gardawar
3. Application was marked to the patwari
4. Information was attached and application was marked to ADC.
5. Application was marked to deputy karlouge
6. Application got rejected for lacking of information
7. Application went back to patwari
8. Application was upgrade with information through a patwari
9. Same process begins again through Tehsildar to deputy karlouge
10. After the process of 6 months and some thousand rupees finally the application was submitted with the person responsible at the computer station, which was again rejected with the words '' from where should i update your record as the last owner from whome you brought doesn't have anymore land. Go make a detailed record with the patwari again and we will see''
11. Back again with patwari paying 10thousand rupees to make detailed account of the land.
12. Back again to the computer guy for fixing a simple mistake that was done while uploading the books into a digital directory.

I have been waiting for it since 7 months now to fix this simple problem imagine my pain and misery. This problem is a must check. Many of the land owners face problems such as this and it takes alot of time.

Pakistan has good quality system throughout but people such as these use it to make extra money and waste precious time.

I hope to see a good digital system in Pakistan as it is a necessity of this era

Every system that has been made to digitalise Pakistan should have a proper check ane balance to work, if not then it doesn't matter if we have a system or not cause manually it would have been easier to fix this problem.


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