Manager   •   about 2 years ago

The need for a centralised digital medical record for the citizens of Pakistan

"Nothing is more important then life and health. With the use of technology we can
facilitates every aspecy of life including our transportation, education, agriculture, banking and lots of other. But unfortunately we cannot synchronised our health system with technology as it needed. Health/medical record play a most important role for the treatment of a patient because it enables the concern doctor to know about what diseases, treatments been done in past. But the problem is most of the public cannot take care of their medical records or if someone being serious then it is very difficult to safely hold these paper based records for a long time. And as result some time doctor proposed the same treatment which is being used in past with not good results or some time a medicine which is not suite or harmful for patients other diseases. As a result there is waste of life,health time and money.
The solution for this problem is to design a centralised system under the ministry of health like NADRA and gives access to the doctors to update and visit the patient records basend on their CNIC number. This data will not only beneficial for the health system but also play a key role for government decision and policy making."


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