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1.Groundwater quality and human risk, 2.contaminated water and farming

"1.Due to industrialisation ground and surface water quality decrease day by day.
Based on my research the main source is gadoon amazai industrial zone.
According to my knowledge it has been occurring since 3 years.
When chemicals and waste released directly to the rivers they percolate to water table and contaminated the drinking water while a new technique knwn as reverse boring also causing groundwater contamination.
2.The problem of farming and growing vegetables by waste water.
Mainly the local people who involved in farming vegetables and they don't know about health.
I know only about in my near villagees its happening.
I know about it since last 2 years.
It's occurring because people run their homes and it's an easy way in those areas where canal water for irrigation is not present and they don't bear the cost of tube well."


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