Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

Healthcare systems are struggling with the problem of data siloes, disparity of health-care related information, authenticity and lack of interoperability.

"In Pakistan paper based health records are used. Also, due to centralization the data sharing is limited and it is very difficult to maintain the records and they can easily be lost. Patients and their healthcare providers have an incomplete view of medical histories and both are affected due to this drawback. The current situation poses difficulties for sharing and accessing health data timely.

The major areas when it comes to interoperability are:
• The trouble of identifying patients.
• Information blocking.
• Centralization of Information.
• Paper Based Storage of Records.

The organizations which are using electronic system are completely centralized and there is no mechanism of information sharing and accessibility outside that centralized system. The centralized systems are limited within the hospital and there is no chain of hospitals so that the patient’s information is only accessible within that hospital."


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