Manager   •   about 2 years ago

Illegal cutting of trees increases day by day

"Who: It affects the ecosystem, environment (heat waves problem), human (breathing problem), animals (no place for survival), birds (eggs and nests are destroyed) and all living things.

Where: The problem occurs on the people and government side (Forestry Institution).

When: It has been continually occurring for a long time and increasing day by day.

Why: This problem occurs because
1) When there is a lack of social awareness among people about its consequences.
2) Illegal smuggling of timber.
3) Lack of proper check and balance and action from relevant government authorities
4) people mostly from rural areas use timber as fuel for cooking, as a heater etc. which also results in an increase in cutting of trees.

People have been cutting down trees for many years which affects animals, people, animals, birds, and all living things because of the lack of awareness among people about its consequences, relevant authorities are not fulfilling their responsibilities, and people from rural areas use it as fuel for cooking and as a heater in winter"


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