Manager   •   about 2 years ago

Hundreds and millions of children left from being vaccinated and yet we had to face real problems in future regarding their illnesses.

"Government hospitals are doing great nonetheless but when it comes to people’s end they ignore the importance of basic vaccines like measles, tetanus, polio including other very important that much be administered before the child had to cross 5th of year. Millions of children left from vaccines because of poor management and not keeping records.
Because of not being vaccinated Pakistan will indeed face a health crisis in future and we can stop it from here.
What I suppose is: To keep digital record of every new born baby and schedule their 5 years vaccines table and will be administered when time comes. The parents as well hospital will be informed via notifications telling their next appointment or if they have missed it. Hospital will be responsible to pin points their residential location and will navigate team to them in case of many doses being missed.
The hospitals in our villages are Basic Health Units, Civil Hospitals and even Teaching Hospitals.
Government documents such as Domicile, form B, CNIC etc only be release only if they have fully administered vaccines."


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