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EMR Solution to overcome gape between patients and health care providers

"1. Description
Electronic medical records solution aims at overcoming gap between patients and health care providers more specifically we can say doctors, currently if we look at process how health care providers or doctor’s keeps the records of their patient on manual paper, which has become very old fashion and also time-consuming process.
Whenever patient visit to doctor, doctor’s usually use paper’s for recording patient history and to write prescription or advice medication and hand over to patient later on patient may displace the paper or got wasted through some means.
So when patient visit again to the doctor , the patient does not have their history and doctor started again to record the patient history, In this process patient sometimes miss important information that needs to be shared with the doctor.
In result the doctor can’t take an informed decision regarding patient health or in prescribing necessary medication etc.

2. Solution
Coming towards the solution to above stated problem, I want to build an EMR(Electronic medical records system) which will help doctor’s to record patient history.
So that whenever patient visits the same doctor or another doctor they will have complete information or patient history on the EMR which will help to them to make an informed decision. It will also helps in diagnosing major disease using the available information on EMR.

This Solution needs to be implemented at country and it should be a centralized system.

3. Key Benefits
a)- Time saving.
b)- Provide better health care services.
c)- Overcome paper consumption."


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