Manager   •   about 2 years ago

Inadequate and inconsistent delivery of standardised education

"Education is a powerful tool that impacts the present and future generations. However its a time consuming process and requires systematic planning. It affects people from all backgrounds, all ages and genders. It is not specific to one particular place it impacts out family lives, socialisation, civilisation, personal growth and collective evolution. We lack accountability at every step, we lack ownership and sense of responsibility due to which every stakeholder needs to be governed. Issue is that our govt schools arent upto world class standards, our teachers arent held accountable or gone through a proper screening process.

Lastly, the biggest problem is out curriculum, which holds the most power. It lacks lessons on being a kind, open minded, empathetic human being. It lacks the power to equip our students to become global citizens. We have failed to even star healthy conversations about topics that are considered taboo like personal space, sex education etc. Education is supposed to make you learn how to co-exist.
Our curriculum does not take into consideration all the latest research around better learning. Even more so in these times where everything has shifted online and everyone is collectively struggling. We need to train and ensure that we are well equipped for our present and future. Unfortunately we are still trying to recover from our past.

Single national curriculum is unfortunately not enough to bridge this gap. It lacks consistency in gradually moving up difficulty level. It has been unable to acknowledge the power of visuals and their impact.
Our curriculum lacks the findings of MTB-MLE which states the transition and use of multilingual languages in learning. This is very useful in case of Pakistan as we teach in English as well.

Teachers play a very important part in this eco system as we fail to acknowledge that children learn most from modelling and projecting. We need to invest, learn and explore more about various teaching styles."


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