Manager   •   over 2 years ago

The transport service provided by educational institutions and other organizations has become unreliable considering issues like delayed arrivals and safety concerns.

Institutes and workplaces are well known for providing a fine travelling experience to their students and/or employees. The travel provision is often a contractual agreement between a transport service management and the company’s management. Every day this transport service then becomes responsible for picking up people from their specific bus stops, dropping them off to their destinations and also taking them back home. However, disregard of the safety and security of its passengers makes this travelling experience quite unreliable. Moreover, the passengers are unsure of the arrival of the transport and need to wait till the arrival time specified by the transport service. In any case of a delayed arrival, the passengers keep waiting at their bus stops and often get late for their own errands. The transport service provided by educational institutes does not wait for the passenger to reach the bus stop in case of delay which causes students to use the public transport or personal conveyance.


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