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Lack of qualified doctors in rural/remote areas AND transmission of infectious diseases to frontline healthcare workers.

"In some countries, there is no such facility that enable doctors to provide treatment to those people who are located in remote places especially in rural areas where patients may have to travel for hours to see a for a relatively simple appointment. Many patients may fail to show up for appointments or postpone them. Missed or delayed appointments can cause worse, as their health is being compromised. The ability to diagnose and treat problems before they become serious addresses the solution to reduce hospitalizations and daily visit through robot. Even after surgery, many of the pre- and post-operation appointments can be handled with care-at-a-distance through VIRA, lowering the expense of those visits for the patient. Sometimes there is emergency in remote places and there is no one for them to look after because of distance. These people have to suffer a lot because of considerate able distance. Doctors cannot access these locations regularly and require a way to remotely consult staff and examine patient in these areas. VIRA provide a way to cater all these problems efficiently. It provides a solution that falls into remote patient monitoring allow healthcare providers to track a patient condition from a distance. This makes it easy for doctor to watch patient’s condition and intervene in patients who are at health-risk or are recovering from recent surgery. Moreover, VIRA reduce the number of times that frontline healthcare workers coming in contact with patient to reduce the risk of infectious disease especially during COVID-19.
The project finds its scope in every remote location. It will make the working of frontline healthcare workers easier as now they can treat patients from their own personal space and guide the healthcare staff present in remote location. It is an efficient solution for patient monitoring as doctor and patient communicate easily through VIRA."


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