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According to my opinion no work is done on the career counselling of a child.

The problem i have highlighted above is of career counseling. As we know that most of the people are frustrated due to lack of job opportunities especially in Pakistan but they don't try to find the reasons behind this critical issue. Most of the time parent choose career for their child which can help their child to earn handsome amount of income rather than considering their personal interest in that particular field. That result in two major issue one is that if he complete his education he will find difficulty to find a job as he does not have any interest in that field. Second if he find a suitable job, he will not be passionate for that job and still remain frustrated as he have to earn for his family. The most common reason behind is that there is no concept of career counseling and student does not know what career path would be suitable for him and is he passionate to work in that field or career.

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    We are trying to solve this problem using AI and ML based career assistant. This project is one of the main projects that are in our pipeline.

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