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Climate change is a global problem and pakistan is the 5th most vulnerable countries according to global climate risk index. While tree plantation drives will help but there is a need to curb emission of carbon dioxide and other green house gases.

"This problems affects every citizen and every living thing in the country. The toll of Air pollution can be seen in summer in the form of heat waves, in monsoon in the form of heavy rainfall and in winter in the form of heavy smog and air that adversely the respiratory system living in urban areas. Agriculture is affected by the unpredictable rain and heat. A major contributor to green house gases is car exhaust gases. Pakistan like the world is looking for solution to curb carbon dioxide by working on electric cars and green fuels. The current effort to plant trees might not be enough to fight off the ever increasing carbon footprint of the people which can be seen in the number of vehicles on the road.

Jang newspaper reported in 2019 that the number of registered vehicles in pakistan is one caror. According to another news source there are 9 motorcycles for ever car on the roads of punjab. An increase in the number of cars in terms of private cars and uber (career taxi service) causes pollution, road congestion, high expenses for infrastructure development and maintenance and increase in the emissions of green house gases.

The high number of vehicles on the road raises problems that the government is currently working on expanding roads in the city to which in costing the country in millions .

In an attempt to fight climate change the subsidy being offered on electric cars to fight climate change can not work with our current power infrastructure. we can not afford electric cars on the road while we suffer from severe power outage in.

One effective way by which the government can start working on reducing the carbon foot print that will show immediate results in by offering a good public transport system for the people. Reports show an average bus emits less carbon dioxide than a car and a bike. (Data for US and UK). Offering good public transport system to the people will ease the citizen in terms of high petrol prices. The rise in public transport fare will distribute of expenses people suffer while commuting for work and other activities. Money earned through public transport system will increase the money going into the national treasury.

A system that can benefit the country on so many levels is worth exploring."


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