Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

The prices of grocery items are different in every other shop/store.

"Who: This problem affects all citizens, especially people who belong to poor families who cannot afford such huge prices on items bought from a shop which would cost them less if they bought from another shop.

Where: The problem occurs on the people, grocery shop/store owners, as well as government side (price control authorities).

When: It has been happening ever since the 90s.

Why: This problem occurs because:

1) People buy grocery items without checking item price list of stores/shops provided by price control authorities.

2) Price list is not properly updated when there is any change in prices.

3) No proper check and balance on grocery stores/shop on prices by the concern government authorities.

4)The government is showing negligence in enforcing uniform pricing system in shops.

5) Grocery stores/shop holder ignore public for making illegal profit.

The prices of grocery items are different on every other shop/store which affects all people especially, poor who buy required item at high price from on shop and price of same item has less price on other shop because of the negligence of concern government authorities for having no proper check and balance, failing to enforce uniform pricing system a, irresponsible behavior of people and grocery shop/store owner."


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