Manager   •   about 2 years ago

People have skills but they don't have opportunity to utilize them. Skilled women sits idol in homes because they don't have platforms to show and earn from the skills.

"Women empowerment is impossible without the economic participation of women and for this, women has to be encouraged to take part in business and entrepreneurship. Handicrafts sector is the only sector that is directly linked with the skills of women so there is dire need to better tap this segment.
Handicrafts were once a major source of livelihood for millions of people and majority of them were women. But the rising cost of inputs, difficult access to credit and poor marketing network, have brought the industry to its present dismal state: Revival of the handicrafts industry, however, lies in the development of infrastructure, provision of financial support to artisans, establishment of direct links between buyers and artisans and improved marketing facilities.
Women have amazing handicrafts skills but they don’t get any opportunity to earn for them. They can’t travel much long to show their work and get valuable worth. People of remote areas are extremely talented in handicrafts but they have lack of confidence, opportunities and technology education. They don’t get appreciation for their skills and hardworking."


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