Manager   •   about 2 years ago

There is an increase in global warming, animal habitat destruction and worsening mental and physical health of the public.

"Global warming is causing the glaciers to melt drastically and can result in drastic floods. Also due to deforestation so many animal habitats have destroyed leading to to extinction as well as non availability of well oxygenated air. The poor environment conditions has affected the mental health of people a notch further as well as alot of diseases that physically affect people have increased.

To overcome these above mentioned problems, I suggest to create a Mobile application, KP Floristic, as it is more accessible to the public, where the public will be connected to different nurseries, online sellers and government departments such as PDA, horticulture department etc and they get access to floral, trees and all kinds of plants to their areas especially those rural areas where people wish to have some plantation but green services are not available. People don't deliver. No nurseries exist in the surrounding. Through the KP Floristic app people can also exchange their plants with others for free. Hence encouraging them to plant more flowers and trees and fruits and vegetables. This would bring a huge change in the climate, the atmospheric oxygen levels would increase., air would be purified, reduce destruction of habitats as well as reduction in the worsening health problems. Being surrounded by a peaceful green area with vibrant flowers brings a positive impact on ones mind."


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