Manager   •   about 2 years ago

Miscommunication and disinformation regarding climate change through digital technologies e. g Twitter, Facebook and the adverse affects of climate change on Pakistan.

"This is a huge problem not only in Pakistan but around the world. Precisely, wildfires, flash floods and rising temperatures are all part of climate change, however, the worst part of it is the miscommunication that is being carried on digital platforms regarding climate change. There is a alot of climate change skepticism around the world. People are still not aware how their plastic usage, pollution, waste and many other harmful chemicals are indirectly harming the environment.
Some groups either spread misinformation regarding climate change or just totally negate the phenomenon which is really damaging to the whole cause and issue.
Hence, my idea is to design a game that will not only screen and educate people about climate change will people play it but also plant a tree alongside when we reach certain levels of it. With each new level, a tree will be planted in Pakistan. This will not only educate people and remove misinformation but will also encourage participants in a fun way to play the game and play their role in making Pakistan more clean and green."


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