Manager   •   about 2 years ago

Lack of exposure to E-sports in education

As per Fawad Chaudry and many officials, E-sports is over 100 Billion Dollar industry and is rapidly growing in the world. However, Pakistan is still lacking in it and is way behind the world. The world is transforming at a greater rate so the mode of education should also change with more emphasis on E-games and Gamification that can be made as a subject. At primary levels, special apps and websites can be launched by the government that has games built to make students learn the basic concepts taught in class, but through games and gamification. Like all usual science and mathematics subjects, this subject can upgrade with each passing class and by 10th or 12th grade, students must be able to learn professional games so that they can easily start earning by the time they complete their intermediate. Games with focus on education should be focused specially.


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