Manager   •   almost 2 years ago

Every day a lot of people go missing and because of no proper solution some of them are not found for even years.

"An estimated 8 million children go missing around the world each year according to a report of The Wall Street Journal in 2012. This means approximately 21,918 children each day. While some of them are abducted and undertaken by criminals, a huge number of this figure results because of negligence and carelessness of parents/guardians and sometimes by accident.

As soon as you notice your child is missing a huge panic is created and you don’t know what to do. Usually you call the Police to report a FIR. In Pakistan one way is to head to the mosque and make an announcement that the abc child of xyz is missing. These traditional ways are helpful sometimes but takes a lot of time to really find the missing person and also the outreach is very limited.
A better solution used nowadays is social media facebook/whatsapp etc though the outreach through these platforms is huge but there is very little certainty that it will reach the specific person who has found your child."


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