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Trust issues about real estate business from the investors

"In Pakistan, many investors face trust issues about real estate investments. Because in Pakistan most of the societies have frauds. customers should not satisfy with it when they invest in real estate and they have a big doubt about their investments. When they invest in property they always think about their investments, either it will prove better for us or not and the company/ project is legal or not. Pakistan has lots of housing schemes that sell fake files and property to collect money from one another. I am a property dealer and I have never seen any of my clients who should invest directly in any projects, firstly you should convince him/her. Most of the hurdles came in real estate during investments because they have lots of doubts.

I have to create one application or website just like NADRA. In CNIC numbers they all have records like a personal record, property record, vaccination record, etc. so for that purpose I have to create one online application or website which have come all the registered organization about real estate under the government of Pakistan. And which have all the registered organizations and NOCs approved projects, which have come just legal government registered organizations and projects which are fully pure and have no fraud. When customers search any of these registered organizations, so they have come all the present records related to that company, like the company owner record, NOCs approved projects records, balance sheet records, tax payments records, customer records, performance records, either this organization is going in a profit or loss. In simple words when you check any legal real estate organization you should find everything in one platform. This will provide customers more ease and then have to invest in any project without any doubts and they know about their investments, whether their investments are going in a benefit or loss.
One-stop solution for investors in real estate investments."


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